Anticipate Change. 

Strengthen Strategic Foresight. 

Cherish growth.

We provide solutions necessary for the development of ecosystems and organizations, the anticipation of change, and the co-creating long-term sustainable planning, culture, and resilience.

Helenos Consulting

In Greek mythology, Helenus was Cassandra’s twin brother, who interpreted the signs and foretold the events, helping to face the future. As a foresight thinker, he was able to observe challenges, and guide and inspire important innovations such as the Trojan Horse. 

Helenos Consulting, using methodologies and tools of Strategic Foresight and Implementation, supports ecosystems of entrepreneurship and innovation to clarify the prospects, possibilities, and direction in their short and long-term planning.  


Helenos Consulting

We are your close associate. We will document your goals and vision and approach the strategic path – analyzing data and following a specific scientific methodology – that will lead us to achieve them. In an ever-changing and complex world, we aim for workable solutions that integrate innovation, strategic change, and capability development. 

Our team has a long experience in the field. It shares a common culture and respects ethical norms.